How you can have a ceasefire with Hamas

The Campaign Do you want to see the war in Gaza end? The primary barrier to peace, according to many political leaders like Bernie Sanders, is Hamas. A ceasefire isn’t possible as long as Hamas is governing the Gaza Strip. Without Hamas in power, peace is possible. Our Mission We believe in a new beginning […]

A Message To The World To Be Freed From Hamas

The Campaign Many in Gaza are clamoring for change, even if changes come from outside of their borders, because there is currently no hope. Hamas harms anyone who stands in their way and impedes any reasonable attempt to help people escape the cycle of violence and persecution. Hamas is chaos, and any alternative to this […]

Hear From a Patient Being Held Hostage In A Hospital

The Campaign Hamas is stopping people from fleeing the war, even as humanitarian corridors and escape routes have been set up to facilitate the evacuation of civilizations. Hamas uses its own people as human shields and uses critical infrastructure like hospitals as a safe place to hide their weapons and high-ranking leaders. This terrorist organization […]

The Indoctrination Of Children Of Gaza in Martyrdom

The Campaign Hamas has actively sustained radicalization by sowing hate through indoctrination. Children in Gaza are taught at a very young age to hate Jews through cartoons and other propaganda that brainwashes them to become “martyrs.” We need to begin the process of de-radicalizing the Gaza Strip, and the first step in that long process […]