Hear From a Patient Being Held Hostage In A Hospital

The Campaign

Hamas is stopping people from fleeing the war, even as humanitarian corridors and escape routes have been set up to facilitate the evacuation of civilizations. Hamas uses its own people as human shields and uses critical infrastructure like hospitals as a safe place to hide their weapons and high-ranking leaders. This terrorist organization will stop at nothing to advance their interests, even if it means depriving their people of their basic needs, purposefully putting them in danger, or killing them when they don’t comply.

Our Mission

We believe in a new beginning for Gaza, where freedom, peace, and self-determination are the bedrock of daily life. We seek to amplify the voices of Palestinians who dream of a peaceful future, who long for the day when Gaza is free from the grip of Hamas and can prosper as part of a harmonious society. It is through non-violent means and constructive democratic engagement that true liberation and peace can be achieved.