Freedom For Gazans

How Gazans Lost Their Freedom To Hamas

Hamas is an internationally recognized terrorist organization whose mission is to destroy Israel. The group came to power in the Gaza Strip through free and democratic elections in 2006 and won most seats in the Palestinian Legislative Council. While no elections have been held in the territory in more than a decade, Hamas continues to wield significant political control in the Gaza Strip. Watch an interview with a former mayor of Gaza to understand the current landscape.

How is Hamas is Destroying Gaza

Here are nine reasons why Hamas is silencing the voices of Palestinians who dream of a peaceful future, who long for the day when Gaza is free from the grip of Hamas and can prosper as part of a harmonious society. 

Stifling Socioeconomic Development:

Hamas's policies and focus on armed resistance have limited socioeconomic development and opportunities for the Palestinian people.


Impact on Infrastructure

The pursuit of armed conflict and military activities has damaged infrastructure, exacerbating living conditions for Palestinians.


Divisive Governance

Hamas's governance has been marked by division within Palestinian territories, leading to political and social fragmentation.


Tunnel Construction and Weapon Smuggling

Hamas has used underground tunnels for smuggling weapons and launching attacks, further escalating tensions and violence.


Obstruction of Peace Efforts

Hamas's refusal to recognize Israel's right to exist and rejection of peace negotiations have hindered efforts to achieve a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Economic Hardship

Mismanagement of resources and diverting aid money for military purposes have contributed to economic hardships for Palestinians living in Hamas-controlled areas.


Repression of Dissent

Critics and political opponents of Hamas have faced suppression and intimidation tactics, limiting freedom of expression and political participation.


Use of Child Soldiers

Hamas has been criticized for recruiting and using child soldiers, violating international norms and putting young lives at risk.


Human Rights Violations

There have been documented cases of Hamas violating human rights, including arbitrary arrests, torture, and restrictions on freedom of speech and assembly.


Civilian Endangerment

Hamas often operates within civilian areas, putting Palestinian civilians at risk during conflicts with Israel. They have repeatedly and openly used civilians as human shields, such as schools and hospitals. Hamas knowingly sacrifices its people to advance its terrorist agenda.