Two Million Gazans Are Being Held Hostage

We believe in a new beginning for Gaza, where freedom, peace, and self-determination are the bedrock of daily life. We seek to amplify the voices of Palestinians who dream of a peaceful future that is free from the grip of Hamas and can prosper as part of a harmonious society.

The Need For Change Is Urgent As The Stakes Have Never Been Higher​

We are a movement that seeks to free Gaza from Hamas and ensure that its people are no longer pawns in a larger geopolitical game.  Our mission is to shed light on the atrocities being committed and to call for immediate action to bring relief to those whose lives are marred by this ongoing tragedy.

The Children Of Gaza Deserve A Future Without Hamas

We boldly envision a future where Palestinian children can thrive in a healthy society without the perpetual shadow of conflict and extremism. We advocate for a peaceful resolution to the current war that respects the dignity of all individuals and promotes coexistence and tolerance. 

Take The Pledge To Help Gazans Build A New Future

Hamas’s acts of terror have led to international isolation of the territory, crippling economic conditions, inadequate access to healthcare, and a faltering infrastructure. 

Hamas’ Rule Is Defined By Fear And Death In Gaza

Hamas has devastated Gaza and brought unimaginable misery to its people. The unending humanitarian crisis in this territory is a harrowing everyday reality for countless Palestinians facing grinding poverty, disease, and a lack of essential services. 


Latest news from GAZA and campaign updates

Hear what the Palestinians in Gaza are experiencing and what they want directly from them on the ground.

A video was recorded from a brave doctor helping the population while under siege and held hostage in the hospital.

With half the population being children, it is imperative the world see what the Hamas government taught them.